Palmer (photo © 2017 Cyril Perregaux)

Palmer – a Swiss post-metal band persistently forging their sound towards perfection for the last 16 years. This Swiss quartett is no typical four-four time metalcombo straight off the rack. Palmer’s sound oszillates somewhere between post-metal and prog-rock with spherical timbres. This band works intuitively and without restraints and their creations reflect an energy of immediate presence.

Palmer (photo © 2016 Fabian Unternährer)

Steve Diener: vocals
Ueli Heiniger: bass
Remo Röschli: drums
Jan Wälchli: guitar

PALMER is a fistful of angry sludgecore / metal with influences from alternative, prog- and postrock.

The swiss band was born in 2000 and has ever since proven to be a very intense and honest live act, playing concerts all over Switzerland, Austria, France and Germany with acts like Biohazard, Blood For Blood, Orange Goblin, Kruger, Gurd, Harmful, Zatokrev and Caliban.
The debut ‘This One Goes To Eleven’ was recorded, mixed and mastered by V.O.Pulver and Franky Winkelmann (both Gurd) and later released by Czar of Crickets Productions in 2007. It was highly acclaimed by the printed and online press.

PALMER recently recorded their second full-length album entitled ‘Momentum’ which will be released through the renowned Swiss independent label Subversiv Records in Feb/March 2011.

With their unconventional songwriting, that combines pounding, steamroller-like riffs and fragile moments, PALMER already is a well known name in the European postmetal scene!